I just ordered the girls bunkbed! I’m so very excited! Brianna wants to sleep on the top and like I said in a previous post, Katie will have the bottom once she is ready to move out of the nursery!!! They can separate into twin beds as well later on down the road if we need to!!

Brian has off on Friday and we are going to use the 3 day weekend to paint Brianna’s room! I will take before and after pictures! I’m super excited! Plus I will be going out to buy the futon we really like for the loft 🙂

11 thoughts on “Bunkbed!!!”

  1. Nice beds! Kev really wants to get the girls bunk beds but I am not too sure about it. I’m afraid that once Lauren gets a “taste” of the top bunk all we are going to hear is fighting over who gets to sleep on top. You’ll have to let us know how it goes as Katie gets older.


  2. Me too! I’m so excited for them to get here and to have her room all set up finally! I will definitely take before and after pictures!

    How is Remy doing, any better???


  3. We just got the same bunk bed for my boys and they love it. Adam switched so easily from the crib to the bottom bunk and Carson is doing great on the top bunk!


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