Baby Lusting Bad!

I had this dream that I took two pregnancy tests and they both came up positive right away. The weird part was that it was Brad Pitt’s baby LOL and people were after me because of it and I had to hide in the ceiling at a Disney restaurant.

But I’ve been thinking about *Q* baby three! Though we’re still most likely not going to try until next fall.

I’ll just have to live through all my preggo friends!!!

7 thoughts on “Baby Lusting Bad!”

  1. you’re not crazy. I’ve been thinking about it too. Last night, I had horrible cramps, and I thought to myself. It wouldn’t be so bad if we had another one soon…


  2. ROFL! What is with you and celebrity dreams? LOL First Bruce and now Brad. And they both start with a “B”….hummmmm. LMAO


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