I want to party like a rock star!

Ok, not really LOL. But I do want to go out tonight with Brian, to dinner and a movie. Thinking Mongolian BBQ! We have a gift card to AMC that he got from work, so that will be covered. Just have to see if my parents are free and willing to watch the kiddos tonight! If so I might see if Kelly and Peter want to come out to play as well! I haven’t seen Kelly since before vaation. And only emailed her once, I was just so sick. I’m going through withdrawals from my best girlfriend LOL!

Is there anything good playing at the movies these days???

5 thoughts on “I want to party like a rock star!”

  1. I have no idea about what to see at the movies, but I guess that I really need to try Mongolian BBQ. We have some fairly close by and my sister and friend are always talking about going there. Have fun tonight!


  2. Hope your parents are free to watch the girls and you have a great night!

    I don’t really know what’s out in the theaters other than kid stuff…that’s all I go see! lol


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