Dude, that is soo gross!

So I go to the bathroom last night right before LOST comes on.. And I flush, and it seems to go down, but the water starts rising.. And I’m looking and I get the bright idea to flush again..


I watch in horror as it over flows and starts pouring onto the floor! I start backpedaling into the kitchen and say, Brian, the toilet is overflowing and make a run for upstairs for beach towels.. I come down and throw the towels on the floor..

Brian closes the door and we sat down to watch LOST!

Crazy toilet..

Thankfully it was JUST water!

2 thoughts on “Dude, that is soo gross!”

  1. Believe me, I feel your dilemma. We have had our issues with the bathroom toliet in the past 2 months to last a lifetime. First, it overflowed so bad we didn’t realize it, that it started dripping in the POPCORN ceiling in the living room all the way to the basement. Ugh. That was a day I’ll never forget. Thankfully, it didn’t stain the popcorn ceiling & it doesn’t smell AT all.

    Last week, Morgan overflowed the toliet & it leaked again a little into the hallway, caught that one in time, but still was a mess.

    Pain in the rear end!


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