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Disney Vacation Pictures: Second day in Florida! (post 2)

We spent the whole day at Epcot. After finishing up breakfast we walked around for awhile as the rest of the park was not open yet. It was really awesome to be the first ones there! No crowds, it was just so peaceful! Very cool! Brianna took off with the rest of the family to look around and Brian and Katie and I took in the sites. Then we met everyone and went on Soarin. That ride is so amazing! It really does feel like you are flying over all the places.. Everyone went on, while Lexi, Lauren and I stayed with Katie. Then when they got of the ride, we went on while they stayed with Katie. She ended up taking a nap and I carried her during her nap in the playtex hip hammock.. Love that thing, It was a life saver!

Princess Aurora signing the girls books! Katie trying to touch her!

Getting ready to pose for a picture!

Brianna totally loving every minute of it 🙂

A final hug between princesses!

Golf ball just waiting to be hit LOL!

Love the clouds in this pic! The fountains were amazing! Katie loved looking at them and they were synchonized with music! It was awesome to watch!

Love this pic! Brianna is off with the rest of the family. and I have no clue who even took this pic LOL.. But it turned out great!!

Katie by her fave fountain! Every time we passed by it she had to go look!

Katie being sassy. Playing with a wet wipe, washing Aunt Lauren’s hand while we wating for everyone to get off Soarin!

Playing with Aunt Lauren’s camera while Lexi watches!

11 thoughts on “Disney Vacation Pictures: Second day in Florida! (post 2)”

  1. My mom got Morgan all the Princess(es) signatures/autographs when she took my brothers back in October. I can’t wait to experience it with Morgan. 😀 It looks like an AWESOME time! You look so good & you are SO tall. LOL!


  2. Those are awesome pics! I love Brianna’s hair and it just amazes me how the Disney characters are just so dang beautiful!


  3. I had a reply typed up a couple hours ago for the last set of pictures and Tyler hit the back button, the little stinker.

    Anyway, that looks like so much fun! We have a trip like that planned with my siblings and their kids for a couple of years from now, when Tyler is a bit older.

    The fountains look amazing, and that ride sounds like so much fun. It looks so warm and sunny there!

    I love the one of the 3 of you, it did turn out wonderfully! Too bad Brianna wasn’t in it, it would be a lovely Christmas postcard picture!


  4. Looks so fun! Aurora is *my* favorite so I would have to insist on a pic with here too lol!

    I am so glad you all had a nice time!!


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