Disney Vacation Pictures: Second day in Florida! (post 1)

There are a lot of pics so I’m going to split them between posts..  We started the second day by having breakfast at Epcot! We went to the Akershus Resturaunt. It was good food: fruit, danish, eggs, bacon, sausage and we got to meet the princesses!!! We were sitting at a table in the back and were the first one’s to see them!! It was awesome! The girls got pictures, though Katie was a bit leary of the whole thing. And they got their autograph books signed!! They princesses were so very nice, and called the girls princesses!

What I call, the big golf ball at Epcot LOL!

Us girls with Belle!

Brianna hugging Belle!

Jasmine signing Brianna’s autograph book!

Signing Katie’s book!

Brianna posing with Jasmine!

Katie being silly with Jasmine! (And yeah, I have a lot of cleavage LOL!)

Brianna and Snow White!

Brianna hugging Snow White!

Brianna, Katie (totally not into it) and Mulan!

6 thoughts on “Disney Vacation Pictures: Second day in Florida! (post 1)”

  1. Beautiful time.I bet you all made wonderful memories to treasure forever! šŸ˜€ Your girls are SO beautiful. Brianna has such curly hair, I love it.


  2. OMGoodness!!!!!!!! What an awesome idea to hav eher wear her princess dress to go see the princesses. Chloe saw these pics and said look mommy… it’s a little princess. She said she wants to be a little princess too.
    Great pics.


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