Disney Vacation Pictures: First day in Florida!

The flight was pretty good! The girls did wonderfully. They watched the DVD player, played with playdoh, played leapster. Katie napped during take-off and for about 3o min. of the flight! Definitely a good experience! When we arrived we took the tram to the main terminal and met up with the family. We pretty much arrived at the same time which was awesome! Did the whole hugs and kisses scene! We hadn’t seen everyone since July. Brian took care of the magical express particulars, another awesome thing about Disney. If you get the service they take your bags to your Disney resort and put them in your room for you! Loaded the bus. Katie had a blast, she was so excited. She went to everyone and was just giggly and happy! Brianna sat with her Aunt Lauren! Once we got the resort (which is beautiful) it took forever to check in, since they had everything on one card. Room key, dining plan, disney park tickets, credit card attached.. The whole deal. We sat around the fountain in the lobby while Brian, Glor and Ted all did that stuff. Katie and Brianna were fascinated with playing in the fountain and going outside to see the water and ducks. I broke out the chocolate chip cookie bars and everyone was eating them up! Glad I made them! We got to our rooms. Got changed into shorts and went to the pool. Got drinks. Very yummy strawberry daquiri! And the girls played in the sand in the volleyball court. Then Brianna played in the kid’s fountain while I took Katie back to the room to take a nap. After that we went to dinner! And can I say, thank goodness for the Disney dining plan!! Brian and I’s meal alone was $90+ Ridiculous!! But so good! We got salad, filet mignon, mashed potatoes and veggies.. Bread with this great olive oil dipping sauce.. Everything tasted great!! Then we went back to the room and went to bed to get a good night’s rest for the next morning! Katie slept with me and Brianna with Brian..  There aren’t a whole lot of pictures because we went back and forth between stills and video…

Katie snuggled with GG (Brian’s Mom) on the trip from Orlando airport to the Coronado Springs Resort!

Katie checking out the fountain!

Cousin Lexi helping keeping an eye on Katie!

Cousin Lexi helping Katie touch the water while cousin Christie watches!

Girls playing with their Disney stickers! Aunt Lauren making sure Katie doesn’t fall off the edge of the fountain!

Brian sitting with our huge packet of information and Brianna putting stickers on him as well! Katie trying to touch the fountain water some more!

The temple fountain at the pool!

9 thoughts on “Disney Vacation Pictures: First day in Florida!”

  1. Oh it sounds like so much excitement/fun!! I want to go Disney some day. With and without the kids! Thanks for mentioning the meal price (ouch!) I think when we get the chance to go we will definitely be looking into one of those deals.

    The temple fountain at the pool looks amazing!!


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