8 thoughts on “On a happier note..”

  1. Yay for the puking diet! (hehe that sounds bad, like I’m endorsing anorexia or something lol) I gotta catch that bug!! I have been eating SOOOO bad and I’m tired of it! Stress just makes me not care and I’ve been eating crappy for a week now. Example- as I write this I still have Lifesavers in my teeth. LOL Glad you’re doing so great!!


  2. It’s funny that you said the anorexia thing, one of the times I was hugging that porcelain goddess, I thought to myself, I could never be an anorexic!! I was so sick.. I’m feeling lots better now though. Katie and I’s first meal since our throw up sessions, spagetti rings and meatballs! LOL.. And I just had some applesauce.. Think I will stop with that..

    I read your blog on myspace.. If there is anything we can do at all, besides pray, please let me know! *hugs*


  3. Thank you so much. šŸ™‚ It’s all such a headache! But thank you so much for your prayers. I think we need to start playing the lottery! lol


  4. YAY, nothing like being sick to get you back on track. lol I’m glad you are still doing well. Hopefully I do as good in June after Emily pops out. I will be signing up for WW from the hospital.


  5. That’s great!

    I need to get on the ball and start losing weight. Now that Tyler’s almost one, I have no excuses! (not that I really did before, anyway).


  6. I was on WW a couple years ago and lost about 30 pounds. I love it. I still find myself eating things that are better for me because I have their points system constantly in my head. lol I like it because instead of being real strict with only eating certain things, it makes you use portion control and moderation and better choices. Plus some goodies too!


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