Monday, monday, monday..

I’m tired. Katie came into bed at 2:30am.. She was cranky and sick. Runny/stuffy nose. Gave her some meds and some liquids and after awhile she fell back to sleep, but it was a restless sleep.. When my alarm went off we were both sound asleep finally and I didn’t want to get up and she of course was wide awake after that.

The kids are driving me up the wall. I know it is because I have so much stuff on my mind and trying to do the packing thing. Plus they are having trouble listening and remembering/following the rules this morning. I don’t want them upstairs because they tend to destroy Brianna’s room and I don’t want to have to clean it all up.. It’s already not 100% and I need to get that squared away and vacuumed before we leave.. Katie is clingy too, but at the moment she is doing alright. Brandon is an easy going baby so no troubles there!

I will be going to Kohl’s to get some pairs of shorts when the kids are in school! Then I just have to pack shirts/underwear/bras/socks…

My bathing suit was delivered this morning! I love it!!! I kind of wish I would have gotten a 14 instead of a 12, but I also know I plan on losing at least 15 more lbs before Cayman. And I am determined to get to my goal weight of 145 and after spending so much on a suit, I would rather shrink down into it than have it be too big and have to buy a new one.. My Victoria Secret bag also came, it was free with my purchase and it’s nice! Thinking about bringing it to bring stuff to the pool!!

I’m trying to get all things Disney in order and make some phone calls today to Jo and to Laura..

Hm.. Better get going..

5 thoughts on “Monday, monday, monday..”

  1. I LOVE that bag. What was the amount you had to spend to get it? I would love one but can’t afford to spend much (if anything!LOL)!


  2. Hope Katie is feeling 100% soon! I’m sure you’ll get all you need to get done. Make lists, lots of lists. 🙂 That always helps me when I have a ton going through my mind, especially for packing, etc.


  3. I think that it was free as long as you purchased a bathing suit.. Which are so expensive..

    Brian’s jaw is probably going to hit the floor when he sees the bill! But at least I have a bathing suit I love and will use it until it falls apart LOL!


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