Packing, schmacking…

I don’t want to pack for Disney… I have all the girls summer clothes spread out all over my bed. My matching madness is causing me to throw up my hands in defeat LOL.. I’m trying to get it so they are wearing at least the same color scheme LOL.. I’m such a nerd!

Katie is now asleep on our bed. With summer stuff on, I wanted to see if some 12 month stuff still fit her, shorts and some summery onsies and they do.. She’s such a tiny thing LOL.. And now she has fallen asleep in it.. She looks so precious snuggled up in the pillows.. I painted her toenails red this morning! She was so excited..

Brian and Brianna are on their way home from church. Brian is stopping by Taco Bell.. I haven’t had it in awhile and I’m excited for my crunchy taco supremes!! Katie and I stayed home from church this morning. She is starting to get a cold. I didn’t want her to infect any other kiddos in the toddler room or get something to add to her sickness either. I hope she is feeling better before we leave on Wednesday..

I have no clue what to pack for me.. I have two pair of shorts that fit and they are way to big. A size 16 from right after I delivered Katie.. My jeans are a size 12 and are loose and I have to pull them up! Wahoo for that, but can you imagine the 16 shorts then LOL.. I want to feel and look beautiful and not frumpy by wearing something that is too big.. So my packing is put on hold. My bathing suit is supposed to be delivered tomorrow! I got the below in red!!!

I have no clue how many suitcases we are bringing. I really wanted to have this all done and figured out today LOL.. Because Monday and Tuesday I have the boys and I really don’t want to wait to the last minute like we usually do..

Alright, Brian just got home.. Gotta go..

5 thoughts on “Packing, schmacking…”

  1. I love that bathing suit! Where did you get it?

    I’m so excited for you guys, you are going to have sooo much fun!!


  2. I got the bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret! Can’t wait until it gets here!! I better never have to buy a bathing suit again though LOL.. It was expensive, but I did get a free pink Victoria Secret tote bag for free 🙂


  3. I thought it might be from VS! I loooove their clothes and swimsuits. I wish my whole wardrobe could be from them!


  4. *whistle* WTG on the weightloss! wow! You’d better squeeze a shopping trip for shorts in before you go! I’ve found it’s easier to pack if you just go out and buy everything you’ll need and throw it all in your suitcase when you walk in the door. 😛 I didn’t want to pack either lol. It’s kinda like – Let’s just go, forget everything else!! ROFL!

    I hope you get everything you need to done so you’re not stressing.


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