Dora the Explorer strikes again!

I was sleeping when Brian ran in and told me to get up, it’s an emergency he says all in a tizzy, Dora has escaped again!

So I go into Brianna’s room and Emma is on high alert trying to get behind the dresser. So I say, everyone be quiet. I listen intently and hear Dora scratching behind the dresser. I pull it away from the wall and she is standing up looking at me and then proceeds to run underneath the dresser. It took awhile but we were finally able to get her out and back in her cage. This time she had gotten out by one of the tunnels that came away from the cage. I think Conner was messing around with it yesterday because I repeatedly told him not to touch it on Friday…

The most interesting thing:

Dora’s cheeks for totally stuffed with something, she could barely get up her tube to her little nest.. And as soon as she made it up she emptied her pouches… It was Emma’s cat food! So she got out of her cage, jumped down off the dresser, made her way to our room, went in our bathroom, stuffed her cheeks full of cat food and made her way back to Brianna’s room and was probably trying to get back into her cage, but it was too high!

Crazy hamster.. What am I supposed to do with the crazy girl LOL… We are going away to Disney for 8 days! What happens if she gets out!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Dora the Explorer strikes again!”

  1. lol I do’nt know how you catch her!!! When we had our hampster is was always a HUGE fear of mine she’d get out. So we had EVERY openenig duct taped and super glued roflmao She did get out once, but she was on on our TV, I just shreeked, and Andy knew! lol He came running (he raised them, growing up) and shoed her into the cage. Sounds like Dora is sneaky! Maybe you should have named her Swiper! hahahaha


  2. Haha she sounds like Callie, the hamster Melissa and I had when we were young. I don’t know if you remember, but somehow she always found a way to escape! We’d stack books on top of it and everything, but I guess she was getting out another way. Luckily the cats never got her haha


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