Going crazy..

My phone was missing.. I looked everywhere. Couldn’t find it. So decided, while I’m looking everywhere might as well clean up all the clutter that is my house LOL.. Not it isn’t too bad, but all the placed my phone could and should have been is cluttered with papers.

So I start cleaning and it’s driving me crazy. I mean, there is no phone in this house, but my cell.. I had to find it!!!

So I’m looking and looking and then I say. Brianna, do you know where my phone is? She says, I’ll look. Goes over to the sofa, drops down on her knees, reaches underneath and says, look I found it..

I suppose I should have asked her before I went searching through the house like a crazy woman LOL..

She’s a little sneak!

3 thoughts on “Going crazy..”

  1. Lol, I’m sure it just “happened” to be in the first place she looked.
    At least it gave you an opportunity to de-clutter I guess. My house needs that, BAD!!!


  2. Yeah, I should have thought to ask her first thing. Last time it went missing it was hidden in a cabinet of her play kitchen LOL..

    I wonder if they have de-clutter fairies too 😉


  3. I’m glad the phone was found!

    Kids are so funny though…lol…they’ll watch you tearing through the whole house for something only to wait until you ask them and know where it is! lol


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