Completely spoke too soon!

Last night I was telling Tammy how Katie had been sleeping through the night for about a week and a half..

So what do I wake up to last night but Katie LOL.. She came into bed with us and snuggled up.. I definitely love the snuggle time, but I can definitely tell in the morning by how I feel whether or not she slept with us.. I’m a lot more tired when she does because she moves around so much to get in better positions.. But I love waking up to her beside me too.. So peaceful and innocent! It’s beautiful..

2 thoughts on “Completely spoke too soon!”

  1. I 100% know what you mean. Devyn still crawls in bed with us 90% of the time and it is weird when we wake up and she is still in her bed.

    I love the new icon, btw! Adorable!


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