You cannot post in your journal about you having a potential 6th little one and not allow comments.. That seriously is so wrong 😉

That is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to hear every detail! I think large families are so amazing and I definitely want one!!! I could never see Brian going for six though.. I think he’d go for 4! But if they were all 4 girls, I could see him trying 1 more time LOL 🙂

1 thought on “Anna!!!!”

  1. LOL!!!!! Some people, knowing what I went through with Bailey don’t think I should have any more children- which really it’s a risky thing, but you know God brought me safely through Bailey’s pregnancy and Alexander’s. And when I look at my children I am filled with so much love and happiness, that it seems like God is saying I am not done with five. Even the kids want one more, they don’t like the “odd” number.

    Brett wwasn’t too thrilled with the idea, I think moreso because he knows what I had to endure with both Bay and Alex. (I was diabetic with Alex and he could not stand that I had to give myself shots twice a day.) But I asked him again tonight and he said “Not right now, but in a few years.”

    So I am 32 now, and he is 37 so hopefully in 2008??? Our oldest will be 15, so that will be interesting! 🙂 LOL!

    I love large families too! My mom is one of 6 and I have 14 cousins from my aunts and uncles and we are always finding reasons to get together, etc. I now have their wives, husbands and children in my life and it’s so amazing!

    Maybe we could have one around the same time ; )


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