Dora the Explorer

I woke up around 5:15am Sunday morning. I heard this crinkling sound next to my side of the bd. It sounded very weird. I squinted my eyes and looked down and saw Emma. Laying down but also intently trying to look for something under my nightstand. I started to freak out. Because if Emma wasn’t making the noise, what was…

I woke Brian up, told him I heard something and that it wasn’t Emma. He got out of bed, groggy and confused. Told me it was Emma, I tried to explain it wasn’t her as she was still searching for something. He turned on the light, got down on his knees and looked under my nightstand. He then jumped up and said “OMGosh it’s Dora!” I yelled, get Emma. So he handed Emma to me. Dora ran past his feet. He ran and closed the closet door and door to our room. Then he grabbed Dora.

Put her back in her cage in Brianna’s room. The top was open. Not sure how it happened. The ordeal was over by 5:20am. I proceeded to have nightmares of Dora escaping for the rest of the night.

I can’t believe that she escaped and that Emma didn’t eat her. Emma had every opportunity to do it. She can get under my nightstand. If she had wanted a Dora midnight snack, she could have had her wish!

Amazing. And good think she was on my side of the bed because Brian would have never heard her. Amazing that of all the rooms she comes to ours!

Anyway, we went got Dora some more fun stuff, another cage and some tunnels, and taped the top look-out-tower down. So hopefully she will never escape again!!!!

15 thoughts on “Dora the Explorer”

  1. I had hampsters when I was little. They were forever getting out. Ours weren’t lucky like yours is. That cage is pretty cool. We have thought about getting one for Hailey, but I don’t want any more responcibility and I know it would land on me.


  2. Oh my gosh, I would’ve freaked out when I realized it wasn’t Emma!! I’m glad Dora’s ok — seems her name is perfect lol. Ornery bugger.



  3. ROFL – I forgot you had Dora so when I first started reading this I was thinking a Dora doll was under there and didn’t know why Brian got so excited about it. LOL Glad she went into your room and you were able to rescue her!


  4. we ended up having to duct tape the damn thing. I swear the hamster was smartest damn thing ever but he could open the cage. They must open pretty easy for them.
    Finally he ate the duct tape..got out and was out for 2 months!!! I thought he died somewhere but we renovated and he was he was under the floor boards in a nest of barbie clothes with potatoes pieces and sunflower seeds? damn if I know how he lived that long..lol


  5. Oh, poor hamsters! I know what you mean about the responsibility.. Luckily, Brian and I do it together while the girls chase Dora around in her exercise ball LOL!

    I like the fact we got her more stuff, but now I am kicking myself, because I just realized, that’s more stuff to clean LOL!


  6. ack! Don’t tell me that LOL! I don’t want her to escape ever again!!! I’m seriously suprised that Emma did not eat her!!!

    I can’t believe that hamster was still alive! Resourceful little guys aren’t they!!!


  7. The hamster!!! lol. The tan and white one. She escaped all the time, but one time she escaped and made her way all the way downstairs to the food pantry and got into some chocolate and ate it and died 😦 I was in 5th grade I think, so you would have known.


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