cell phone woes..

so while I am totally glad that we are just using cell phones, got rid of the land line and now have high speed internet, I’m not happy with the fact that I have 11 minutes to use until Friday!!!!!!!!!

Since we backdated our billing cycle, we started off with a high number of minutes, so I know this won’t be the case every month, but it is frustrating to me.. It’s only Tuesday..

I doubt it will go over more than 30 minutes though and it would have to to justify going up to the next plan until the billing cycle ran out..

Anyway.. No one call me LOL!

5 thoughts on “cell phone woes..”

  1. Yes, that is what saved me this weekend LOL.. But I do a lot of my calling during the day and not after 9… I’ll most likely go over, but as long as I don’t go 30 minutes over, we will be fine..


  2. Too bad you don’t live in Florida or Georgia.. they have a company called metropcs and you pay $45/mo for unlimited everything..with taxes it comes out to like $55. I hope you don’t go over your minutes!!


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