Why I love my church..

The following is an email I just received from my Pastor… I have heard of churches throwing girls out of the church because of unwed pregnancies. I think it is so wrong to do that.. This is what I love about my church. We are called by God to love one another, how can people do that if they are so stuck on judging everyone…

Hi xxxxxx and Veronica,

If it’s all right with you, I’d like to give your names to a girl who
attends LCC who is pregnant and unmarried. Her name is xxxxxxxx,
and she and her mother and stepdad approached me a few weeks ago after they
found out. Obviously she’s going through a lot of issues, and at the time I
met with her I told her that there are any number of people who have been in
her position at our church, and if she ever felt like it would be good to
talk to someone who has gone through it, to let me know and I could give her
some names of people. This past Sunday she caught me and said she would
like to do that. I’ve got a list of six or eight people who I know of, but
I thought of you guys first, just because you’re younger and could probably
relate easier. And I know how willingly you guys have shared your lives and
stories with others. So if it’s OK with you, I’d like to give her your
phone numbers and she may give one or both of you a call sometime. Would
that be OK with you?


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