I set up a table in our bedroom and I’m going to keep my scrap stuff out and try to really work hard on getting pages done.. I’ve been so lazy.. Plus I would really like to put together a wedding album with the hundreds of pictures we have LOL. And before we do the vow renewal so that it can be at the ceremony.. Anyway.. That plus everything else like the girl’s books LOL..

And I am definitely going to be doing a book just for Disney!!!!

Can we say $$$$$$$ and time LOL..

Anyway. My goal is to organize that stuff today 🙂

3 thoughts on “Scrapbooking..”

  1. I need to step up a dedicated place to scrape. My stuff is organized for the most part but it is all in plastic tubs next to the computer desk. So I drag it all out, scrap for a little while then pack it all up. Now I am too lazy to drag it all back out. LOL


  2. Yeah, that was my problem before. I hated dragging everything out and then doing 2 pages and having to put everything back away. Not that I want to keep it out all the time, but this will make me more productive I think 🙂

    Do you have aim???


  3. Yeah – I would try to scrap while the girls were down for a nap or already in bed for the night so I was lucky to get more than 2 pages down at one sitting!

    No, I don’t have any messenger services on my computer at the moment. 😦


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