I couldn’t observe Brianna’s class today because I had Brandon with me.. So I left and then forgot to sign out at the office. The director never said anything to me about it when I was signing in.

I get to her class and her teacher says I can’t observe with the baby. And this is what really irritates me, she thought Brandon was Brianna’s baby brother. When I have on numberous occasions made it clear that I babysit him and Conner and that Brianna and Katie are obviously mine..

So I called the Director and she was like please try to schedule it again and wanted to know the teachers..

Not that I want to get them in trouble.. But I purposely left Katie home with my Mom, because that would have been a huge distraction, but a sleeping baby in a carrier??????

I guess I will just have to wait until they go on vacation and then leave Katie with my Mom and observe..


and then because Brianna was upset she wouldn’t let me take her picture 😦

2 thoughts on “Aggravated..”

  1. omg 😦 Damn them for breaking her heart! Geez! A tiny baby SLEEPING, what the heck could that hurt? Sure, it might distract the kids for a split second, but mommy’s are so much more special! I’m sorry hun ((hugs))


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