Thank you..

For the prayers regarding this awful situation..

They have contacted the child abuse advocacy at children’s hospital and they take care of everything from contacting police and children’s services and set up counseling..

My friend went to work today but had to leave, she couldn’t handle it after speaking to the authorities about it..

I am picking Conner up from school and dropping him and Brandon off at their house.

The thing I was also praying about was my families safety, as the uncle keeps guns in the home. God answered my prayers in a scary way.

Conner’s grandfather tried to commit suicide this afternoon. He is in the hospital. The cops were called and they have taken all weapons from the household..

This is just so awful..

But I am so thankful to God that Conner said what he did to Brianna and that she in turn told me and I was able to question him in such a way as he felt comfortable coming out with everything but not leading him into the conversation.. God has really worked and answered prayers and I’m so thankful for His wisdom and strength..

13 thoughts on “Thank you..”

  1. Oh Veronica. This is such a scary situation. How is Briana handling it?

    Now, was it the grandfather that did it? What a terrible tragedy the whole thing is.


  2. What a tragic situation 😦 I’m so glad he said something, and that Brianna told you!
    I’m praying for that family…
    how sad 😦
    ((hugs you))


  3. {{{HUGS}}} What a sad situation. Is amazing thought to see the way God works through us. You were that little boys angel. I’m so glad you were able to be there for this family. I will continue to pray for them and for you too. Keep us updated Hon.


  4. When Brooke was a baby I babysat a three year old boy. He was VERY interested in her private parts and talked of his parents having sex. I being a new parent questioned this but didnt say anything until he made up a story the girl next door (8) years old had tied him up and rolled on him naked while I went shopping….talk about blow me away. His mom phoned me. I then in turn called the police because I did NOT want them to think this had happened while he was in my care. Turned out the boys dad had abused him, watched pornos with him etc. They took the boy away from his dad but he grew up and abused other two boys at daycare 😦 he was only about 6. Now one of those abused boys raped his sister. Great huh?
    So Im glad your situation worked well and that god was there.

    Btw. I read your religious stories, quotes, scriptures every day and thank you. I need god right now.


  5. That completely shatters my heart 😦 That poor little boy to go through something so terrible. Its such a terrible situation to think about but you should be very proud that you’ve raised Brianna in a way that she can tell you anything at such a young age — and although its such a terrible experience now, I’m certain you’ve allowed that little boy to turn a new corner. *hugs*


  6. Brianna is handling it very well. She hasn’t brought it up since yesterday. And yesterday it was more of a let’s tell all the secrets we know game. She wasn’t really involved with the conversation I had with Conner. And the stuff she did tell me, I told her it was silly and not true.. And she hasn’t mentioned it at all.. If she does, I’ll just have to keep telling her.. *sigh*


  7. That story is so sad Nancy.. We live in such a broken world.. Yuck.. It really brightened my day to hear that the devotionals and scriptures have been read by you.. (hugs) I know God is smiling right now to have you seeking Him 🙂


  8. Thank God for you V. At least this will stop that vicious cycle that poor boy has gone thru 😦 I will continue to pray for you and your family and friends ((hugs))


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