Acrylic Nails..

Does anyone get them on a regular basis?? I was thinking recently about going this route.. I have loved them in the past and always get airbrushed french tip.. I get them sport length, because I personally don’t like my nails too long..

But I would only get them for special occasions and then would never get them filled and eventually I would just start to snap them off. Very bad habit LOL..

But I’ve been thinking about doing it and keeping it up, because I love how it looks and makes me feel..

Anyway.. How often do you get them done.. How long have you had them..

9 thoughts on “Acrylic Nails..”

  1. I use to do them all the time, but I dont have the time and patience to do them now, and I would always have to go and do them every two weeks or so!
    But I do make sure I get pedicures and manicures once a month in the winter and every two weeks in the Summer! lol


  2. I too had a thing for acrylics for awhile there, until I realized what it was doing to my regular nails. That and I heard a news story awhile back about all of the fungas and germs, and said forget it. It’s been years and my nails are still recovering. Now I just get pedi/mani’s and keep it natural. 🙂


  3. Yes I’ve had them for years. Not right now though – with packing and moving and all – plus I was curious how my regular nails would do. So I’ve had them off for a while now and my nails are great – growing nice and strong – no issues at all.

    Now after we move and get settled I’ll get them again – same reason as you – I love the way they look and make me feel.


  4. Its expensive to keep up…plus I think the french tip is overrated now…everyone has it, when I did get my nails done I always got an American manicure and they looked REAL (cause I also got them super thin) Nice natural nails are beautiful…just go get them manicured once a month like Bea said 😉 Cheaper and better for you


  5. I got mine done every 2 weeks for 5+ years and never had a problem and really enjoyed them 🙂 Then my nail lady moved and I have yet to find a great place with decent customer service and good quality products.

    Enjoy them though!!! 🙂


  6. I used to get mine done, but I’m super picky and I have a hard time finding someone who does a good enough job for me. Lol. I like them to look very natural.
    But, when I had a great nail lady, I got mine filled every 2 weeks. It does get pricey, but it made me feel pretty all the time.


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  8. I’ve gotten mine done for years….like 4 or 5….and I love it! I always had them long until I started school and then I had to keep them shorter….well that is until yesterday I had an emotional crisis and took all the acrylic off! lol….I’ll probably call her in a couple weeks and get the acrylic back on though…cause i hate not having them done!


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