It’s been awhile.. I had a very busy week and was barely on the internet.. My cousin Cami was visiting us. She is 13 and it was nice to have here spend time with us!

The reason for this post is to hopefully bring on AF though LOL.. You know, when you say something when she is late or post about she comes within the next hour or day.. So that is what I am hoping for..

I know periods can stop with Mirena, or taper off.. Since I have gotten it back I have been regular though, the beginning of every month.. And now it is the 15th and still no sign of her.. I have felt like she might be coming, but nothing.

I have a test and should just take it, but I’m afraid of two things. One, it will be positive and we will have to deal with all of that. Two, it will be negative and I will be dissapointed.

In the grand scheme of things Brian and I wanted to have 4 years between Katie and the next baby. We are going on two vacations this year, Disney and Grand Cayman, and I don’t really want to be pregnant on them..

Brian talks about it everyday, but I think it is so if I am pregnant, he won’t be totally shocked LOL..

Anyway.. Hoping AF decides to stop playing tricks on me and shows up..

10 thoughts on “So….”

  1. I bet your period is either stopping or tapering off. It only took a few months with Mirena for mine to completely stop.
    Good luck!


  2. Glad that you had a good time with your cousin!

    I still have periods but they are super, super light….generally they are always on time but every once in a while they are a little late. If we were taking bets, I would put a lot of money down that you are not PG….the statistics with Mirena are pretty reassuring if you ask me. Hey – this whole conversation just reminded me that I have had mine in for a year…I’ll have to go back and check my journal to see when I had it put in.


  3. Because I am a dork, I went right back to my journal to check…It was inserted on January 13, 2005. Darn, I missed it by two days….should I go make a “Happy Anniversary Mirena” post anyway? J/K LOL


  4. Mine are usually just spotting, last month was really weird though and then this month nothing.. I should be jumping for joy that I didn’t have to deal with it LOL!


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