My Mom is hilarious…

She is computer illiterate, and just now started trying to do things on the internet.. So I set her up with a gmail account.. I sent her an email and this is her first ever email to anyone LOL.. She just completely cracks me up.. Her and I have the same kind of humor, so if you don’t get it, it’s ok, not everyone does haha!

Subject: responding to first email…

“don’t quite what to say in responce. Perhaps a farm story whould suffice. Penelope our star heffer at the State Fair in Pickerington this past October has had an unfortunate accident. Let’s just say that it involved some unfortunate behavior on the part of the Jager boys over the New Year’s celebration. It might have been the meth or some home brew that went seriously wrong. Needless to say giving a prized cow of Penelope’s sensitivites one or both of these substances was not a prudent endeavor. . As you know Uncle has always been a bit suspect of those boys. His thought has always been that they were a bit tetched in the head. When the New Year arrived… let’s just say those boys were taught a lesson they will never forget. Uncle Earl and Penelope ,[in her altered state],got some serious revenge. Idon’t know whether the local 911 took those boys to the local vet or to Doc Williams at County General. Just goes to show about choices we make. Are you sure you wanted me to have E-Mail? In reading the above I realized I spelled response wrong Please forgive. Let me know if any of your folks would like any more info about our extended extremely close farm critters. They really like hearing from their relatives. ..All the best, Nellie Rooster.”

2 thoughts on “My Mom is hilarious…”

  1. ROFLMAO!! 😛
    Reminds me of the book “Click Clack Moo” — a fave book in our house, the cows find a type writer & write messages to Farmer Brown.

    my gma says people are “touched” — makes me LOL every time.



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