Well, tonight I did some returning and more shopping.. I had gotten multi-color net lights by accident and Hobby Lobby, so I returned them. And got a ton of stuff to make my own advent wreath! It turned out awesome.. I still have to do some finishing touches but I am so pleased! It only cost $15… And I like it so much better than the one I bought from LifeWay for $32.. So I am going to return that one..

I had my counseling appt.. Amazing, I hadn’t realized that I had been going for about 2 months now.. My homework was to think about my relationship with Brian and our marriage and if I wanted to change anything about myself in regards to honesty/vulnerability with Brian.. So that should be interesting, since me and thinking are sworn enemies.. Anyway, I’m going to be working on that for the next three weeks..

I wrapped a ton of presents and put them away in our closet.. Still have more to wrap though.. But there is a huge dent!

I’m not freaking out about the scrapbook stuff. I have pretty much all of tomorrow night since there is no cell group. And all day Wednesday, besides taking care of the kiddo’s of course. And I will completely focus on Paul and Debbie’s album.. I really am excited to make it, just overwhelmed at the process and how many pics there are.. I think I’m going to be selective though, so I’m not going to do all 300!

Brianna went to the doctor today and her lungs are clear, they recommended Dulsom or something like that and said if her cough continues for 5-7 more days to take her back in… Brian has an appt. tomorrow at 8am for the doctor, hopefully they can give him something because he is miserable.. He coughs horribly during the day, but sleeps really well at night.. He’s been asleep since I got home around 10 and I haven’t heard a peep out of him..

My eczema is driving me nuts. My hands are so itchy.. I can barely stand it.. I want to scratch my skin right off..

Anyway.. I’m feeling better and more in the spirit of Christmas.. So yay!

3 thoughts on “Accomplished!”

  1. There is so much I wanted to do for Christmas but I haven’t had the opportunity to this year. I made an advent calendar last year that I got from A.C. Moore. It was fun to make and the kids loved it 🙂 I’m glad yours turned out well and $15 is way better than $32!

    I completely sympathize with how overwhelmed you were feeling. When I made Robert a scrapbook of our relationship for Valentine’s Day a few years back I had big plans in my head but wasn’t realistic about how much I could get done LOL. You get so caught up with how wonderful the gift is and excited over how awesome it will turn out that it seems to overtake you. It really is a lovely gift and I’m sure it will be loved & appreciated! You are so sweet to take your time and make such an awesomely personal gift 😀

    I hope you family recovers from the sickies — fast!!!

    I forgot you got eczema. My psoriasis has been driving me crazy as of late. Not all of it, just on my legs and it seems it itches more when I actually take notice that it’s there. My brain playing funny games on me LOL. I hope you get some relief soon. Eucerin lotion works the best for me to stop the itching!


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