Sickies Suck..

I’m seriously done with everyone being sick.. Brianna threw up last night in bed, and again tonight.. Brian has been sick all week and went to bed early because his throat hurt. Katie and I seem to be doing just fine, more getting over a cold than full blown sick..

I’m trying to clean my house and work on these scrapbook things for Christmas and after tonight I think I might throw in the towel and just buy something for Debbie and still work on the scrapbook for my Mom.. There is just no way..

I have so much to do and prepare for and I’m already feeling frustrated and this week is just going to go by so quickly and make me feel even worse with anxiety and stress..

Christmas is going to go by without me being able to focus on celebrating the birth of Christ..

Anyway.. I’ve gotten a bunch of cards from people, and I very much appreciate them.. I’m going to try to make a thank you post in regards to those tomorrow.. I’m sure I’m going to need a break..

I should go to bed, but I have so much to do..


on a happy note though, my PB chairs have shipped and should arrive on the 22!

5 thoughts on “Sickies Suck..”

  1. Oh geez, what a bummer! Bad time for the sickies to strike (ok, guess there isn’t really a good time!). I hope everyone feels better soon!

    I got your card today! I love it, thanks so much! *Smooch*

    Mine will probably get there after Christmas at the rate I am going! LOL


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