Linds! You rock!

Thanks so much for the PBK’s chair idea!

My Poppop and Gitta sent the girls a check for me to get their Christmas presents and the first thing I thought of was those chairs!

I got Brianna the hot pink personalized in Garamond white, and Katie the light pink personalized in Garamond dark pink..

I’m seriously so excited.. And the cool part is that I just got a check from our insurance for an overage and it covered the shipping and tax right down to the penny LOL!! It was definitely meant to be that the girls got these chairs..

I was so tired of them using their princess outdoor folding chairs in the house.. Especially since Katie likes to climb on them and they tip over and she gets caught up in the spaces..

Anyway! I’m super excited and I just wanted to thank you for the idea!


4 thoughts on “Linds! You rock!”

  1. Veronica! I am so happy you got the chairs for your girlies!
    Yeah! They are going to to love them I’m sure :D.

    PB shipped them so fast to us, I guess if you spend that much they are pretty darn quick about getting your products to you *lol*, they came within just a couple days and I was SO excited! So, you should be getting them super soon!

    I have to tell you, I had no idea what the would look like IRL, but the covers are BEAUTFIUL and the embroidery is nice and thick and so pretty. I am very pleased. I haven’t seen the chairs yet :0. I am afraid to take them out of the box because I don’t want the kids to sneak a peek. They are sitting in our extra living room (soon to be the playroom) and the kids have colored all over them (they think they are daddy’s business stuff *rofl*). We will take them out on C-mas eve and slip the covers on. I am all giddy to see what they will look like! The boxes are huge and the FedEx guy commented on how BIG the boxes are for being so incredibly light *lol*. I really love the Garamond print! Good choice! And the hot pink and light pink are so great colors and they will go PERFECTLY together.

    This is funny, I was not going to get on-line this morning because we have tons Christmas stuff to do today, but Jilly needed to nurse so I hopped on and your post was the first one on my friends list! I was happy to see it and glad I came on *lol*. Thanks for posting to me! I probably worte more than you wanted to know *lol*.

    That’s awesome! You have to promise to take pics of the girls in their chairs and show us! :D.

    And last but not least, I got your christmas card! Thank you so much. You have two very pretty princesses :D. They are hanging on my fridge right now!


  2. That’s awesome, we’re going to get them for our kids for their Birthdays. They need chairs of their own, they use their camping chairs in the house too. Lol.


  3. Never mind I figured it out! Those are so cool! But, alas, I know for a fact my mom got Janna a Princess couch for Christmas so it probably wouldn’t be cool to get her one (at least not right now)


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