I seriously feel as though I am going to explode.. My house is a mess. Brianna and I are both very strong willed and we battle all the time.. Katie loves to create a mess.. I’m tired and just plain angry.. I’m not sure why I am so angry.. Maybe I just need some peace and quiet. Some time to myself.. I’m getting so very aggravated these days. My fuse is so short. I used to be the most patient person in the world.. What happened to me.. I mean I’m sitting here just seething.. I need a break..

7 thoughts on “*scream*”

  1. “I used to be the most patient person in the world.. What happened to me..”

    you are now a mother of two young girls, that’s what!!


  2. ((HUGS))
    Go lock yourself in the bathroom and just breathe for a few minutes. That’s what I do when I need a few minutes to recharge.


  3. I used to be SO calm and patient too! But having Jackie totally turned me around… now I am irate and irritable ALL the time 😦 I’m sure it’s just a bad day though, things will work out ((hugs)) Ask Brian for a little V time to yourself 😉 ((hugs))


  4. It’s okay V! Everyone has days like these. Kaelyn & I also butt heads most of the time which makes it so darn difficult to parent her. That child sure knows how to push my buttons. Talk to Brian, get some time for yourself. You deserve it!


  5. I hope you got/get a break. I’ve been there before – trust me. Ashlyn really knows how to push my buttons and with Tyler so mobile and into everything this place is constantly trashed. I feel like I’ll I’m ever doing some days is cleaning and punishing. So then I just give up and then the house ends up getting worse and worse until I just don’t even want to look at it let alone try to clean it up.

    Super huge ((((HUGS))))


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