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I’m so tired.. Yesterday I braved Walmart with all 4 children. It really wasn’t so bad. Brianna and Conner kept telling everyone they say Merry Christmas. Even the Papa Murphy’s pizza guy while he was making our pizza. It was cute. The photography woman chased me down saying how beautiful Brianna’s hair was and if I wanted to make an appt. to get all 4’s Christmas picture.. I wasn’t even going to go into how they aren’t all mine LOL. Then last night I stood for 2.5 hours while watching Everybody Loves Raymond, Lost and then Invasion in the kitchen baking 175 cookies.. I was so restless by the time I was done, restless and tired. I could barely keep my eyes open when I went to bed..

Thursday is a half day for me in regards to watching the boys which is a plus. While Conner was in school I took the girls and Brandon to the mall with my Mom. The girls got their picture with Santa. It was cute, they brought him a bag of cookies and Katie walked up and gave it to him. Then she was pretty leery of the whole thing..

Then we picked Conner up from school. Dropped him and Brandon off at Lois’.. Went to Sam’s Club to get wallets of the girls and Santa to send out in the Christmas cards. So if you are getting a Christmas card from me, the above is what your getting LOL.. Shopped around and got a few things. Brianna and Katie were sample princesses.. Smiling nice and bright to get extra stuff LOL.. Got home, both girls were asleep. Got them up and in bed. Unloaded the van. Then Kelly showed up to drop off Grant and Addie. She and Pete had a counseling session and her Mom fell through..

Now I am making more Christmas cards! My hands are tired and I’m ready for bed.. Tomorrow is an early morning as we need to be at the preschool by 9. I’m going to be helping make the cookie trays for the fundraiser, lots of counting and walking.. It takes 2.5 hours.. I’m tired just thinking about it LOL..

Good night all

8 thoughts on “*yawn*”

  1. I know you hear this alot but you have very beautiful girls,cute pic…is that the cookies you made in your user icon???


  2. wow! You outdid me girl! 175 cookies!?!?! Have any extra’s? hehehehe Love the girls outfits!!! šŸ™‚ IA w/ the photographer lady šŸ™‚ Brianna has some of the most gorgeous hair I’ve seen! šŸ™‚


  3. Wow, Brianna looks so tall in that picture! Both your girls are beautiful!

    175 COOKIES?!?!?!?!?!?! Geez woman! I have no clue how you do it! I love to cook, hate to bake. LOL


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