Chocolate and Caffeine..

Hm.. I think having that Halloween candy and two Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Peppers before bed was a bad idea LOL.. I did not want to go to sleep last night!

My period is officially gone.. I swear that was so bazaar.. It was really more like spotting for two weeks.. What ever that was.. I hope it never happens again!! It was highly annoying..

Brian tried to get some last night, which I was happy about.. It has been 2 weeks! I thought it would be nice and maybe leave me a little less wired for sleep.. He got a leg cramp half way through.. He said he was sorry.. Which made me almost angry.. Because he said it in this baby voice.. I know this sounds weird but the thought that came to mind was.. So what, you got a leg cramp. I don’t care. Let’s go to sleep. Stop being a baby about it.. Of course I didn’t say any of that.. I just said.. It’s ok.. No big deal about not finishing. I kind of felt bad for not caring all that much.. I know he was just tired and his leg hurt.. but that tired, whiny, baby voice does nothing for me, just irritates me..

As I was just typing all of that I was comtemplating whether or not to actually post that.. What would people think about me posting that I actually have sex.. hm.. even though I would think they know.. I’m married and have two children LOL.. and what will they think of my lack of compassion for the love of my lifes leg cramp.. I just have to get over it.. The feelings (if I do actually allow myself to have them) are mine and if I want to write it in my journal. I should. I got to stop being afraid that my friends will judge me and not like me anymore..

I had an awesome dream last night that involved having an arguement with my parents.. the setting was like I was in high school, though I was the age I am now. I made a declaration to them that I don’t lie anymore, and that them not trusting me was making me insane because I was actually telling the truth and they didn’t believe. So what was the point in not lying, if by telling the truth I was going to get accused of lying anyway.. No idea where that came from. Though I was huge into lying in high school. I also watched Jurassic Park with this guy, who I’m not sure who it was and he stayed for dinner..

Then I woke up to Katie on the monitor and saw that it was 6:45 and Brian was still sleeping beside me.. He didn’t get up! So I told him what time it was and he jumped up to hurray and get ready. I slept a bit more, trying to get back to my dream. Then finally the girls cuddled with me and Deana showed up at 7:15..

I’m hoping to go to my Mom’s maybe this afternoon. I have to see when my Aunt Freda and Uncle Ricks flight comes in and when my brother is arriving from Wright State. We have dinners of Eight with the Krueger’s tonight. I need to get cheese and sour cream for the taco soup. The kids have no school. Which reminds me that I wanted to post Brianna’s “report card”..

I was a crazy woman last night while watching Reunion. Which was good! I love that show! Anyway. I was thinking of D Phi E and could not remember any of the information, or who my Big was and it was driving me insane. I mean that wasn’t that long ago. Though I was only an active sister for like a semester because of getting pg with Brianna and leaving school to come back to Ohio.. So I went on this mission and found my manuel but it had none of the information that I wanted and then I remembered we had to write everything down in a steno notebook, which I have no clue where that it.. Maybe at my Mom’s in the basement?????

Oh and after dinners of eight.. I’m going to go to Kelly’s to hang out with her tonight! Of course I am going to pick us up Starbuck’s on the way! I love me some Mint Chocolate Chip Creme, Though I might get peppermint for the holidays! That’s good too! And I think I’ll make it a Venti.. I’ve had a rough week, I deserve some Starbuck’s goodness and a lot of it!

2 thoughts on “Chocolate and Caffeine..”

  1. hahahaha I always get my sweet tooth at night too, and sometimes it’ll keep me up! Diet CV Dr. P ROCKS my world!!! πŸ™‚ I LOVE that stuff πŸ˜€ It’s my fave πŸ™‚

    hehehe yup πŸ˜‰ We know you have sex! *blushes* hehehehe I can see why you felt the way you did…. after waiting awhile and really being into it then having to STOP right in the middle… oh I’d be cranky and totally not thinking of Andy either :-X lol

    Have a good night πŸ™‚


  2. I am SO making a stop at Starbucks tonight, thanks V! Lol-I love their carmel frapps~That is actually all I have ever had from there-I am scared of change, rofl!

    Yea, I think that is terrible that you have sex with your husband, rofl (KIDDING totally!) But I see where you are coming from, it feels like you have to keep some things in….Ugh-

    I hate leg cramps, lol


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