Seriously bummed…

Over the weekend our hard drive crashed.. We lost everything. Brian hadn’t put the last 4-5 months of pictures on cd yet.. Katie’s 1st birthday, Brianna’s 4th Birthday, Brianna’s first time at the dentist, her first day of preschool (though thankfully I had those printed) are all lost…

I called up openegg and they came out, installed a new hard drive and all the drivers, printer and internet. We have to put everything else back on, so we have the computer back.

Those pictures were so important to me..

7 thoughts on “Seriously bummed…”

  1. {{{HUGS}}}
    I’m awful at keeping up to date on printing our pics also and backing them up on cds. Do you have a spare computer? When ours crashed, we took the hard drive out and put it in a diff. computer (the one IL’s broke) and were able to get all our pictures. But, same thing happened to MIL and they did something to it and were unable to recover anything.


  2. did you upload those pictures to any sites, to share with us? Maybe you could get some that way… I’m so sorry 😦 I’ve heard of this happening so much, it would kill me 😦


  3. i have some that i shared on LJ that are uploaded to other sites.. But I don’t know how clear they will be since I resized them.. But it is better than not having anything.. I’m still so very bummed.. 😦


  4. The computer technician said that we wouldn’t be able to get anything off of it. That it had electronically failed 😦 We’re going to ask around though, there are some guys at church who know about this sort of thing and maybe we can get our pictures.


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