I’m all by myself..

The girls are sleeping and Brian is at his first indoor soccer game. It is definitely nice to have some peace and quiet though I miss Brian..

Today was a long day..

Took the kids to Wee Praise at Northwest Bible Church. It’s like an open gym, lots of toys, kids and then circle time towards the end for singing songs. I forgot my camera and was kicking myself. I met Kelly there and got to chat with her for a little bit. Brianna, Conner and Grant commandered the step 2 cars and were driving around like a train. Katie kept playing on this once mat set, that had a tunnel, wedge and steps. Then she moved on to a slide, and then playing with balls, and had me pick her up to “dunk” them into the basketball net. Brandon slept the whole time. We were there about an hour.

Then we went to Chic-Fil-A.. Got the kids seated right next to the order counter. Ordered the food, got them set up, started Brandon on his bottle and we ate. Then Brianna and Conner took off to go play in the tunnels. Then they came back 2 min later saying they had to pee. So I took them to the bathrooms, told Conner to go to the left, Brianna to the right and to come right back to the table. Conner came running back, I told him to go back and wait for Brianna. Then they both came running back to the table so that I could button Brianna’s jeans. Then they went back to the tunnels. Got the table cleaned up, Brandon and Katie back into the double stroller and then got Brianna and Conner, shoes and coats on, out to the car, kids loaded and off to school.

Dropped them off. Katie fell asleep on the way home. She was so tired. Talked to Brian about how to make his Mr. Potato Head costume for work on Friday. Got home, got Brandon inside. Then put Katie up to sleep in her room. Jumped online. Started to clean up a little bit downstairs. Brandon woke up and was hungry. So I decided to feed him before school pick-up instead of after. Watched One Life to Live while feeding him. Got him back in his seat. Woke Katie up and got her in the van with blankets instead of her coat. Got Brandon in the van. Took off to pick the kids up.

Debbie watched the van while I went in to get Brianna and Conner. Then I watched her van while she went in to get Braedon. We chatted a bit, then started home. Kids played, Brianna got in to some trouble for not listening and obeying. Got Brandon fed. Kids had snacks. Then got Conner and Brandon ready to go and Deana showed up to get them.

Girls and I had dinner, I did dishes, Brian got home. Got the girls up to bed, Brian left.. and now I have quiet.. I need to do laundry. I’ve been trying to get this load out of the dryer and folded all day and it just hasn’t happened yet.

Tomorrow I have the day off. No Conner or Brandon! Wahoo! Just me and the girls! I can sleep in a bit šŸ™‚ And get the stuff to make Brian’s costume, go to Walmart with just 2 kids, and make chocolate chip cookie bars for Brian’s work potluck!

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