Cell group..

We visited Ann-Morgan and Justin Kruegers group tonight. It was so refreshing to be in group again and not to be leading… They are the most positive and upbeat people I know! And they made us feel so welcome. We got there early because we had never been to their house before and even though I knew the general area of where they lived and that it was super close, Brian wanted to leave and get there early. They have a teenage girl come in to watch the kiddos in their playroom in the basement. The Becker’s and DeRochies are in the group and two other couples that I don’t know very well. I got to hold Lillian Grace Becker.. She is 2.5 wks and such a doll! Looks just like Tammy! Katie started crying about half way through group so I went and got her and she stayed relatively quiet through the rest of group. I was proud of her! I even participated which is usually hard for me to do but I felt really comfortable. sharing what my thoughts were and was able to get my thoughts down on paper, when Justin asked, if Jesus came to us today, what do we think He would have to say to us. I have trouble participating, shy to the point of being antisocial. so it was nice to feel comfortable enough to share! Alyssa DeRochie is the woman I bought my hotsling from! She makes baby carriers as well and she is pregnant with her second. Due sometime in May! And Brianna ate some chicken there. They were eating dinner when we got there, and offered some chicken to Brianna and she was being shy. So when I went to get Katie, Brianna said she wanted the chicken. I told her to wait until after group was over and sure enough, as soon as she came upstairs she asked if she could have the chicken LOL. So everyone was standing around chatting and eating popcorn and Brianna had this bowl full of chicken LOL! Silly girl!

All in all it was a great experience. We are going back again next week and I signed up to bring the snack..

Thinking I will go with chocolate chip cookie bars!

1 thought on “Cell group..”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it and felt comfortable enough to share.

    I love our life group. I don’t know what we would do without them sometimes.


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