39 thoughts on “Love, love, love my hair!!!!!!!”

  1. Thanks Bea!! I’m so happy that you are on LJ! I can keep in better touch. I’m much better about reading my friends list than visiting MTT



  2. I am glad I have it too now, so now I can keep in touch with all you gals.. Its great talking to you now.. Hope you and the girls are doing great! 🙂


  3. Nice,you’re brave.I’m such a wimp when it comes to cutting my hair,I’ve cried everytime it was cut shorter than I asked so far,so no more hair cuts for me.


  4. Thanks Sabrina!

    Brian was super scared because when I left to get it done I said I was shaving it all off haha. So when I came home and there was still hair he was happy! He said he had to get used to it being short but he likes it!


  5. Thanks Jennelle! I’ve never cried after a haircut, but my hair grows really fast so I know it could be back to where it was in no time!


  6. HOT MOMMA!!!!!!!!! Very very cool! I love it! It’s so pretty and so elegant
    on you!!!!!! You have such a beautiful face and this frames it so nicely!!!!!


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