LCC Womens Retreat!

Was extremely awesome! I feel so connected with the Lord right now. It is just an amazing feeling! I came home to two sick kiddos. I’m sick as well. And a very clean house, Brian is the best! I’m so very blessed to have him as my husband! Brianna has to go to the Dr. tomorrow, as her face is swollen and red and I believe she has had a reaction to her MMR.

Highlights from my trip were:

Getting sick, falling asleep in a big oversized leather chair, being awoken for dinner, only to be the last in and told I got to pray, not being totally coherent enough to do it, but with God speaking through me I prayed and it felt awesome, as I am not one to pray in front of large groups.

Playing Taboo and Hilary saying “It’s like lima beans at the back of your mouth!” and Johanna saying “tonsils and being right LOL”

And the magical raisins making Hilary feel better, as she has been having severe stomach issues and went through an upper GI and biopsy to test for Celiac’s disease.

I’m sure that I had more to say, but I lost my train of thought.. Unpacking and discussing what benefits plan to pick has turned my mind to mush..

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