So the reason my kiddos were so tired was because..


Brianna went to bed with a fever of 101.8 and Katie woke up at 10:30 with a fever of 101..

My poor kiddos..

They woke up this morning with fevers as well.. 101 for Katie and 102 for Brianna..

Thankfully Katie had her well-baby scheduled this morning..

She didn’t get her shots because of the fever but both girls probably just have colds starting..

Katie is down from 25% to 15% for weight, but shot up from 50% to 70% for height, so Dr. Rothermel isn’t concerned. She said if she had dropped significantly in both weight and height she would have been concerned.

And Brianna’s face rash looks like it was caused by a bite or sting, and should it get really bad they want her to come in again..

It figures that I am going to be away this weekend and both girls are sick..

Katie slept for almost 4 hours today and she has been such a snugglebear.. Brianna has been too..

I pray they feel better soon!

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