I did not want to get up.. I was so very tired from my uncomfortable night.. Brianna and Katie were running around upstairs and then Katie brought me here Maisy book and wanted me to read it to her. I could barely keep my eyes open. I finally got up, went pee, brushed my teeth, opened all the blinds upstairs and down, got Katie some milk. Made our bed. Got the girls into the bathtub. Wrote a little in my LJ, checked email. Got the girls dressed. Gave them breakfast, packed lunch for the park, hopped in the shower, got everything loaded into the van, put my hair back and Kelly rang the doorbell. Got the girls loaded in the van and we took off for the Battelle-Darby Creek park.. The kids had a blast, we ate lunch, were there for about 1.5 hours.. Then got Brianna to school. Went up to get my Mom, and then we went to Sam’s. Picked Brianna up, got the girls in their halloween costumes to take pictures so my Mom could bring them to San Fransisco this weekend. Hung out and then headed home. The girls both fell asleep in the van but woke up as soon as we got home. Katie flipped out at dinner and had to go to bed and now Brianna is ready for bed and it is 7:20!!! Wow.. Going to tuck her in.. Good night all!

3 thoughts on “Today..”

  1. I have been trying my best to keep up with LOST, but can you explain?! Your icon that is. Is it Locke that is down in that hatch thing???


  2. LOL! My icon is just funny haha! It is not relevant to the show in anyway except that it uses the charters names and pictures!

    What are you lost about on LOST though, because I can probably help you out! I love it! Obviously, my LJ reflects that haha!


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