I love my husband……

I never told him about how I was feeling, and if he read it in my journal he never said anything to me about it, but I lov ehim so much…

Hi hun, hope you have a great Friday with the kids. I’m glad you will get some fun time out tonight scrapping. Then it’s the weekend! I ma looking forward to spending that time together.

I was thinking about us going on a diet together. Obviously, we both have trouble controlling what we eat and how much we eat. I think the healthiest thing we can do it diet and exercise together. What do you think? We could do some research, maybe even talk to some people, and pick something out and do it together…hold each other accountable…let’s talk more about this over the weekend and do some research as well. Kyle Watkins is on weight watchers and has lost about 55 lbs….it can be done and I’ll support you in this.

I love you.


4 thoughts on “I love my husband……”

  1. awwwwwwww bless his heart! 😀 I’ve heard great results (though slow) w/ WW… I saw this EDiets.com commercial and they cater to you and give you a shopping list for the grocery store, i’m not sure what it costs 🙂 Good luck!


  2. That was so sweet!

    I’m doing WW and have lost about 23 pounds. It is somewhat slow, but from what I hear you get lasting results that way. Keep me posted on what you do.


  3. What a great hubby you have! I’m sorry I haven’t been replying but I’ve been reading and thinking of you and praying for you.
    I’m so glad Brian is going to walk through this with you, a bible verse comes to mind, the one about two being stronger then one but I cannot think of where it is or the exact wording at all.


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