My van has been taking a beating..

And I don’t know quite how to react to my husband, with love and care…

First, while in the process of backing out of my parents driveway he broke their mailbox and the van’s tail light, well the covering for the tail light anyway.

Then today, I was still half asleep, the fan on full blast and the tv on loud enough to go over the fan. Katie was crawling all over me. Brianna was kicking her. And then the phone rings. It’s Brian telling me that he backed out of our driveway and hit the neighbors car, scraping the side of their car and breaking their mirror off, and putting a dent in the van..

I don’t really remember exactly what I said to him. Something about insurance I think, and him not allowed to drive the van anymore.. I was very confused with all that was going on and he said, well thanks for the support in a sarcastic tone, or something like that. And then hung up.

I have been going over calling him back in my mind and I still just have no clue what to say to him.

He apologized profusely to the neighbors and said he would pay for the damage. Isn’t that supposed to go through insurance? I mean the damage is probably a few hundred dollars at least, Brian should know, he had to replace his side mirror in college because someone had damaged his car during the night..

Arg.. This just really sucks.. And I’m really not mad per se, but at the same time, I don’t really know how to react to Bri in a loving way…..


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