Shouldn’t I be doing laundry????

It looks like a tornado came through our loft, and I told Brian I would get everything back in it’s place, but I just have no motivation to do so. There is also laundry to fold, put in the dryer and put in the wash, and of course be put away. I don’t wanna do it.. It is overcast and dreary outside and that is definitely not helping my lack of motivation, in fact it is fueling it!

This weekend was alright.. Since my entries have been really long lately, in my effort to be true and real and not gloss over the ever important details, so that I can share with my friends and look back on.. I will place my weekend escapades behind a cut!

Saaturday: I did post about Saturday on Saturday morning, but most of that never did occur LOL.. I never did do the whole mattress thing with my Mom and Dwight. In fact we just hung out at home and did nothing. Katie took her afternoon nap, and Brianna watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs while playing quietly downstairs. Brian and I cuddled and watched Pay It Forward.. Which I had seen before and was convinced that I had seen it with him. But he had never seen it and I gave the ending away.. opps.. Halfway, we decided to have some fun “couple time” and it was amazing and wonderful and oh so satisfying! After that Brianna came upstairs and cuddled with us and then went back to playing and we finished up the movie. I cried like a baby at the end as I always do.. I can’t help it, I just cannot imagine ever going through losing a child.. Anyway.. I told Brian I was not cooking dinner and that we were ordering pizza from Iacono’s. So I placed the order and we all got in the van to pick it up. I called Kelly and told her to bring a side dish to the Group BBQ Sunday night. She asked if we could watch the kiddo’s after church because the elders were going to pray over Peter because of all the struggles with depression he is going through. I felt bad but had to decline since we were going out to eat with the ‘rents and Dwight for his birthday. We talked about our Hocking Hills trip and how we had done no research on our assignments.. I need to check out stuff on Ash Cave, Cedar Falls and Rock House. We made plans to get together Tuesday after I work and go to Starbuck’s too discuss and have a girl’s night.. We talked about other things as well, but I was having a hard time concentrating and I just plain didn’t want to even talk to her toward the middle of our conversation. I don’t know why.. It was a weird feeling and I can’t really describe it.. I was just not in the mood. Brianna fell asleep on the way there and as soon as we got home I brought her up to bed. I ate that pizza, like I hadn’t eaten for days! I didn’t have breakfast or lunch for that matter so I was starving! We saved some because I knew Brianna would wake up and want some. I made cookie bars for the Sunday BBQ. Then I went on this huge, moody cleaning spree. My intention was actually to put Katie to bed, but her room was a mess, books and toys and just everything everywhere. I couldn’t take it and I snapped. I brought her downstairs and I cleaned her whole room, changed her sheet, her changing pad, and vaccummed.. Then I put Katie to bed. Then I went after Brianna’s room because it was just as bad and did the same thing! Brian was highly annoyed with me though. Because I had him bring the vaccum up and then he thought I was done after Katie’s room so he brought it back down, but then I asked him to bring it back up. He was tired and cranky and I didn’t care because I had a wild hair up my butt and I was going to clean and vaccum. It was like my life depended on it. I folded laundry and got another load started and put all of Brianna’s laundry away. Then I read Brianna her Biscuit stories and put her to bed. Then Brian cuddled with her while I cut up the cookie bars and put them in a tuperware. Then we watched some of Old School and played 2 games of Acey Duecy which Brian won both. We watched the hilarious part when he gets hit in the neck by the tranq. dart. and I laughed so hard. I love when he says.. “your crazy, your crazy man”.. I don’t know.. it gets me everytime. Then we went up to bed.. I was very tired..

Sunday: Katie woke up to nurse. I brought her to bed and we cuddled and I sort of went back to sleep while she nursed. Then Brianna came in. He told me to get the girls breakfast while he took a shower. Katie was so cranky though that I nursed her on the other side in her room and Brian was done his shower by the time she was done nursing. So I didn’t give them breakfast. He gave them a bath, I got their dresses ready and then hopped in the shower. I got dressed and then we all headed downstairs and loaded up the van. I got poptarts for us and we ate in the car on the way to church. Brian and I got into a weird argument about kids and spacing and it ended with me turning the music up and saying, that we would start trying for our next during the late summer early fall of next year and I didn’t care if I had to work full time so that it could happen. I was very salty. I don’t like people messing with my plans. I know that sounds awful, but I really like 3 years apart. I know.. I was being very selfish.. I just didn’t care.. Church was nice. The kids did good in their classes and the music was awesome. It was request a song and tell what it means to you or why you were requesting it. Then we had a guest speaker from a church in Michigan, who went to school with Tom (our pastor). It was very good. It was a two part. So he will be back next Sunday. It asked a question about whether we were in the truth, or in the love. The only person to balance it totally and completely all the time was Jesus. Brian and I said that we were mostly the truth, especially in parenting. And that sometimes when we felt bad for doing that we would do the love and not the truth but never had a true balance. And that we were both raised in homes where it was the truth. Never truly know what is expected of you and feel as though you just can’t measure up the bar. and think if I can just get to here, then I will be loved..  Parenting is tough.. Anyway. We went to Hallmark. Bri and Katie stayed in the car becuase she fell asleep. Brianna and I went in. She picked a card for Uncle. I picked a funny card that talked about our humor being different, for instance, I find this funny, and it was a mirror. LOL.. I had to get it.. Brianna colored her card to him and wrote her name and put some Incredibles stickers on it. Then we went off to the ‘rents house. I put Katie down in the crib. Went online and checked up on LJ and my email. Brian helped Dad and Dwight the the new mailbox, since Bri is the one who broke it in the first place. I switched the car seats from the van into my Mom’s 300C. Then cleaned out the van, toys and trash and cheerios and I really need to vaccum it out.. Then we got Katie up and went off to eat at Pizzeria Uno. I got tomato and cheese pizza. I love it, even though I had pizza the night before. Brianna got mac and cheese and ate it all. And Katie had tiny dino’s, fries and mozzerella sticks. She shared with Brianna though. We gave Dwight his cards and gifts. We got him DVD’s. Half Baked, since he likes David Chapelle. And Mac and Me.. I saw it at Walmart and had to get it for him.. He laughed so hard.. Seriously.. He could barely breathe.. It was so funny.. And no one had seen it except him and I.  It was the perfect gift LOL. We finished eating and put the girls in the car with Dad and Bri. Then Mom, Dwight and I took the van and went to Kittles. We got a clearance mattress there and loaded it into the van. We went to Matress Mart and got a frame because Kittles didn’t have one in stock. Dwight was sitting on the floor of the van behind the passenger seat and he “fell out” once we opened the door and was highly humorous.. Then went to my house because my Dad needed the Ireland/Scotland pictures and I had forgotten them. Plus I told Carrie, since we had so much meat left over from Brianna’s party we would bring the hamburgers and hotdogs. So I picked that stuff up as well. Then we went back to the ‘rents. I looked up the Granville Inn for my Mom. Checked LJ and email again. I put the seats back in the van. Then we watched Mac and Me.. It was so funny because it was so old.. 1988 and dumb LOL.. And a total rip off of ET.. Anyway.. My Dad was laughing at it and Brianna was watching like it was so cool.. Probably just as Dwight and I did when we first saw it! Bri got everything loaded into the van and got Katie up. Then we to the Davis’. We ate, had fun, the kids played. Kelly Peter’s came with Griffen. She tried to talk to me, but I just wasn’t in the mood. I don’t know why.. I have the hardest time talking with her sometimes. The adults played with these toy light sabres.. They were really neat. Then we left.. I know that is short.. but it was our last group and I can honestly say, that except for the Olson’s I’m not sad about it at all. I hope to be in group with the Olson’s again since they are our best friends.. But after two years, I don’t feel close to the Davis’ at all and the Jacob’s were really starting to annoy me.. We came home. Got the kid’s in bed. Went online, then I got ready for bed and went nakey so Bri could see.. I know my period is coming soon and I am such a nympho these days, but I refuse while I am on my period. That is just gross.. So I have to get as much as I can before she shows LOL.. I watched the end of Final Destination and then Brian came to bed. And once again it was amazing! Love that man! Then we went to bed.. I didn’t sleep all that great though. And I woke up to Bri getting back in bad and it was 3:30.. He had gotten up to get a drink and he was wide awake. So feeling parched myself, I went down to get a drink and he came down and we were talking and it was so weird because we were both wide awake.. That usually doesn’t happen..


I’m sure I’m leaving things out, but my memory isn’t that good!

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