I need to go to bed..

Red Eye, was alright. It had just the right amount of action and suspense. Definitely would never happen in real life, and that is what movies are sometimes. but it did have one of those scenes were your in a house and someone is trying to kill you and your hiding and they’re hiding and it freaks you out..

I’m tired..

The movie actually started at 5:45 so we were able to get there just in time to watch the majority of previews. I OD’d on popcorn and had to pee so very badly by the end of the movie that I swear I was going to pee my pants. And then I peed like a river once it was over, I don’t think I have ever peed that long, I sat there for ages LOL…

My Mom really aggravated me on the way. A kid who graduated with Dwight died this week. He was 19 and running from the cops after a party was broken up at UK. He was running in the pitch black, through woods, on his cell phone, when he got hit by a train. Dwight ran track with him in middle school and all 4 years of high school, but they weren’t close friends. My Mom told me about it this afternoon and it was making her cry. I admit, it is so very sad and tragic. Then she brought it up again and was crying again on our way to the movie and it aggravated me to no end. Only because we are going out to a movie and supposed to be having a good time and you decide to bring up a tragedy and cry for like the 3rd time today. Why think about miserable things like that. She said I didn’t understand because my kids were young and having a teenager/ young adult was so hard and you just feel like locking them away in their rooms so nothing bad happens to them. I didn’t say anything. But I kept thinking. I love Dwight more than words can describe and I would be devistated if something like that happened to him. But I’m not going to think about and cry about bad things happening to him when he is alive and well and with us. I don’t understand that way of thinking. I mean I do what-ifs sometimes, but that is what they are.. what-ifs.. they aren’t the here and now. the present. and worrying about something fictional is just pointless.. why think about the bad things that could happen instead of enjoying the person who is here right now with us??? whatever..

i guess i was highly irritated before that though because she gave brianna animal crackers to bring in the van to have on the way home. katie is at the age where she is a big girl too and wants to have snacks too and i don’t trust her having an animal cracker not fully supervised. she is just now starting to use her teeth, biting and chewing. she usually tries to swallow handfulls of little bits down whole.. so she was fussing because brianna had something she couldn’t have.

then because i OD’d on popcorn I felt sick to my stomach and couldn’t really think about eating dinner out, besides the fact that my mom shot down practically every dinner idea i had.. and when we got home all she could say was how i didn’t feed her because I couldn’t decide on a restaurant. though she was the one who told me to just take her home.. nice how her decision somehow becomes my fault.. whatever..

we went to baby’s r us and got a yellow dust ruffle, bumber and a blue sheet. i put it on the crib when i got back to the rent’s house and it looks good.

We hung out as a family and dwight and I kept giving fin scratches underneath her tail (it curls up over her back, norwegian elkhounds do that) and her collar) and laughing hysterically over wenis’s and poo nuggets.. i thought my dad was going to cry he was laughing so hard.. for those who don’t know, which is all of you LOL, what wenis’s and poo nuggets are.. let me enlighten you.. wenis is what dwight and i call elbow skin.. and poo nuggets are our term for nestle bunch-a-crunch.. so anyway.. i was like dwight.. we got popcorn but no poo nuggets and my dad said laughing very hard, what are poo nuggets. so we had to explain to him. then since we had them going, we kept telling my mom how her favorite word was wenis because we got her to say it by accident one day, though she says that she said lunis, we don’t believe her.. but then she kept asking my dad what the funny bone was actually called. we told her it didn’t matter because wenis was elbow skin anyway, and since it was her favorite word she should know that.. she yelled.. i said lunis not wenis.. we said. yeah right.. yes we are a weird family..

Dwight and i hung out and had a blast, just being silly.. i miss that.. he is just so much fun to be around and i always leave with my sides hurting from laughing so hard.. i’m going to miss him when he is away… he showed me one of his anime shows and it was these people who were hurt and were being taken care of by this reindeer and when they woke up they were hungry and looked at the reindeer and wanted to eat him so they chased him around this castle.. i’m laughing just thinking about it and typing it because it was highly amusing.. the graphics and subtitles.. you’d have to see it and even then only a select few would probably find it as humorous as we did!

I called D on my way home. My twin’s birthday was yesterday and i meant to call her but didn’t.. we talked and laughed and it was just like old times. but i swear it’s seriously all we talk about.. old times. it’s like we don’t know what to talk about unless it is our sophomore year drunken escapades.. and we laugh and remember the good ‘ole days and say our good byes.. not sure how to get past that. we are just living completely different lives and i don’t know how to relate to her.. it’s wierdness. and it is like that everytime we talk or see each other…

i think there was more i wanted to say but i’m to tired to think about it.. i still feel sick from the popcorn.. yuck… i think i just need to get into bed and go to sleep.. may i have fun and exciting dreams tonight!

4 thoughts on “I need to go to bed..”

  1. Glad you had a fun night,my husband keeps nagging me to see Red Eye so it’s good that it’s just “Alright” now I can finally get him to forget about it and go along with me to see The 40 year old virgin,I rather funny over spooky anyday.And another thing it’s wierd that my friends page does’nt update to your recent entries,I have to click your user name in order to.


  2. I want to see The 40 Year Old Virgin too! But probably won’t until it is in the dollar theater or on video. Unless it is a must see, like Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter, Spiderman LOL. We usually wait to see it..

    That is weird about your friends page. I know that mine does that often too, and I have to hit refresh a lot. For example, I will make a comment and then it will bring me back to my friends page and my comment doesn’t show on the count until I hit refresh.. Maybe that is what it does for you??


  3. Did I miss that you had a twin? Maybe I’ve heard it from you before, but it really just clicked just now…

    Sorry things got strange with mom, but sounds like you still were able to enjoy yourselves.

    Hope things are going well!!


  4. LOL, not really.. I was born May 25 and Danielle, my best friend from college and maid of honor in our wedding, was born August 25..

    Our little joke was that we were twins, but I was on the top and she was on the bottom of the oven.. i got done cooking faster and came out early and that is why i’m brown.. and she had to cook longer and she is white.. we were just highly wierd people.. but we call each other D or V or twin..

    yeah, the night still went ok, thankfully.. i thought it was a goner for a minute though..

    things are going well.. i’ve tried to be honest about my feelings and all of my day.. so my lj entries have turned into books, but at least people are seeing all of me..


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