It’s been awhile..

Saturday was Brianna’s party. We worked hard getting everything together and then 15 min. after her party started a huge storm blew through and we had to move everyone and everything inside. Everything turned out okay though and the kids had fun and that is what counts!

Sunday, we had church, a meeting about the children’s program and then I ran around and got pictures developed and got cards for my Aunt Sandy. We went to group. We left the kiddo’s with the sitter and then went to Culver’s. I had a rueben and it was so gross, i think because the bread was all buttery *gag me* onion rings and a chocolate milkshake. Those were good 🙂 After that we went to my Mom’s, sang happy b-day to Aunt Sandy, watched 6 feet under finale and then came home.

Monday, I did laundry and vacuumed downstairs, we went to Sam’s to pick up pictures and get a few things, then to Pet’s mart to see the birds, fish, and cats! Then to Kelly’s to get Brianna’s princess and the pauper barbie and borrow Kelly’s CM square punch. Came home, kids took naps, we went outside and played chalk, bubbles, in the play house and on the playset. Brian came home, I made pasta, then I cleaned up the kitchen and unloaded the dishwasher. We played oustide alittle bit more. Brian left for bible study. I went across the street to the Dillon’s and the kids played outside, then we went inside. Came home put the girls to bed and was on the computer for awhile. Brian came home, we had some cake and I watched 7th Heaven. Then we were being ridiculously silly and then we went to bed..

Today I am doing more laundry, about to jump in the shower. Katie is taking a nap. Brianna playing with playdough, working on school forms and I have to go to work today. Brian is going out with Peter, Clay and maybe Dan to Dave and Busters since it is Pete’s birthday.

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