Started a new book..

A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers

So far it is pretty captivating. It is a series and I’m really looking forward to reading more!

“Torn by her love for a handsome aristocrat, a young slave girl clings to her faith in the Living God for deliverance from the forces of a decadent Rome.”

Christie is letting me borrow it. She is such a wonderful friend and sister in Christ 🙂

3 thoughts on “Started a new book..”

  1. OMGosh that series is soooo awesome!! The 1st few chapters do get monotonous (of the 1st book), but you will LOVE it!! I read them like 4 years ago and want to read them again. 🙂


  2. I had trouble starting it last night. I kind of did the read/re-read sentences. But I think it is because it is such a different style of writing than the books I last read; Harry Potter 6 and The Outsiders.

    I just read the first chapter and it is so inspiring! Francine is a wonderful writer. I can already tell that I am really going to enjoy the books and that they are going to help me spiritually as well 🙂 You should read them again!


  3. Yes, she really is a fantastic writer. You truly feel like you are there; like you can smell the smells and hear everything you’re reading. She’s amazing!


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