Happy Sling Owner!

I wore Kate in the hotsling for 1.5 hrs last night at Brian’s softball game! It was awesome. My back did not ache. Katie was content!

I wore her today shopping at walmart. I had a whole cart to put groceries in! She was content! My back did not ache.

We went to the mall today and I didn’t take the stroller in. Just Katie in the hotsling. The diaperbag and held Brianna’s hand. Went to the playplace. Let Katie down to play. Put her back in for the walk to the food court and just left her in during lunch, no highchairs were to be found. For the walk to the car.

I’m so in love! She spilled some of her milk on it and I need to wash it.. I want another one so that when it is in the wash I am not deprived!!! LOL

8 thoughts on “Happy Sling Owner!”

  1. I am thinking about getting one of them. I just worry it won’t fit right. I had a Nojo sling when Chloe and Ethan were babies, but I hated it. It was hot and just really uncomfy and killed my back to have them in it once they were getting big (as in over 12 lbs which wasn’t very old for either of them).
    And I take it they are pretty easy to figure out?


  2. First of all- I CANNOT WAIT until Lost comes back on.

    Secondly, I want a hotsling!
    I think I’m going to talk to James about ordering one. Did you get yours at hotsling.com?


  3. Will you take a picture of her in it?? I want to buy one with my next baby for sure but I want to see how they look on? How mauch are they?


  4. I heard the Nojo stinks, because it is big and bulky, and hot.

    Hotsling, is super easy. Katie is over 20lbs and does awesome in the tummy to tummy when she is sleepy. or on my hip!

    I definitely recommend them!


  5. I looked at the distributors on hotslings.com

    And got mine from Nine Acres. It is run by a girl who I go to church with.


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