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Katie’s Birthstory (for my memories)

Katie, my precious baby girl,

You are such an amazing addition to our family and a beautiful blessing from God. I love you so very much and I will always love you. Nothing could ever change that. I wanted to share with you the story of your birth, a life changing experience I will never forget!

I had been having contractions for quite awhile; in fact I thought I was in labor with you the weekend before you were born! My last day at work was June 25, 2004 and I had been having pretty regular and painful contractions all day long. Saturday was some of the same and I had thoughts of you making your appearance a week early as my due date was July 4, 2004. I woke up Saturday night to some uncomfortable contractions and decided to get up and see what they were doing. I woke up your Dad and we went downstairs. I sat on my birthing ball and we watched the rest of Bad Boys II (we had started it the weekend before, when I had woken up to the same kind of contractions). Your Dad massaged my lower back because that is where most of my pain was. Nothing seemed to be working with the pain. It was a different pain than I had with Brianna’s birth. I decided to try and get some sleep, so we went up to bed. I never really got comfortable and the contractions were definitely staying and getting increasingly more uncomfortable. We got up around 8am and decided not to go to church. I was pretty miserable. I called Popi and Abuela and said I thought I was in labor and we were coming over. As we were getting ready to leave, I would have to get down on all fours to try to alleviate the pain and pressure of the contractions; they felt like they were in my lower back. Brianna would try to crawl under me during this time, which was quite comical, and even though I was in pain I let her do it. She didn’t understand! The ride to Abuela and Popi’s house was very uncomfortable. I just tried to stay focused and work through the contractions. I would lean against the wall, get on all fours, lean against the stairs, and try to sleep/rest as much as possible. I was timing the contractions, and the times got closer and closer, about 3 minutes I think. I said I was ready to go, so I called Dr. Ruedrich’s office. They were going to page the on call doctor and I was to wait for them to call back within 20 minutes. I couldn’t wait that long. I wanted to leave for the hospital right then! So we said goodbye to Brianna. She asked where we were going and we said the store. Your sister was in that asking a lot of questions stage, and I really didn’t want to go into details right then. I wanted to get to the hospital! I believe it was 3:30pm. During the ride the contractions were not as intense and I started to fear that I wasn’t in actual labor. The doctor didn’t call so I had him paged again. We pulled up to Riverside Methodist Hospital, and parked up at the door with valet. As we got there, Dr. Jenkins called. I told him I was in labor and that we had just arrived at the hospital because I couldn’t wait. He said something to make me laugh. He said that I could go on upstairs and they would see what my progress was, and if I were at a 1 or 2 they would watch to see if I made any progress. I got off the phone thinking, he doesn’t think I’m in labor because I was laughing with him and didn’t appear to be in much pain, though I really was. We got upstairs, sat down and filled out paperwork. They got me to a room and I got undressed and into a gown. The nurse came in and put on the fetal monitor. Then the checked me and sure enough, I was at 4 centimeters. We were staying to have a baby! They monitored me for a little while. I said I was going to have an epidural so they got my fluids going. They gave me some antibiotics as well because they weren’t sure if I was Group B Strep or not. It turned out that I didn’t need it because they found my paperwork and I was negative for that. I got out of bed and got on the birthing ball to try and help my back. It worked a little bit, but not as much as I had hoped. The epidural man came in. He had me sit on the edge of the bed and a nurse was in front of me. He told me not to move. The first prick I jumped a little, but that was just to numb the shot area. The second I didn’t really feel at all, just some pressure. I felt a lot better when it started to kick in. I did have a hot spot though, where my left hip was still feeling the contractions, but very light and I didn’t have to breathe through them. We rested and watched TV. They broke my water. I told the nurse that after my water was broken it probably wouldn’t be long before you came, because of my experience with Brianna. I started to really feel the contractions in my hot spot. I had to concentrate and breathe through them and I thought I might be in transition. I told the nurse that I thought I was close to being ready. She didn’t think much of it. When she came back she checked me and sure enough I was all set to go. She told me I wasn’t kidding about it going quickly after the epidural! She finished prepping the room. They got me all set up to start pushing. Dr. Jenkins was there. He had me start pushing. I watched in the mirror as your head started to crown. I remember saying, no way, it’s so small, and Brianna’s head wasn’t that small. He had me stop pushing so I wouldn’t tear but you were coming even if I wasn’t participating. Your head came right out and then your body slipped right out. It was an amazing feeling. Dr. Jenkins put you right up on my stomach and I held you and just looked at you. You were so beautiful! Your Dad cut the cord. They wiped you off and I got to hold you for a bit. Then they took you away to clean you off and check you out! You were so calm and peaceful, even when you were in the warmer and they were checking you out you didn’t cry at all. You were born at 7:55pm, June 27, 2004. You were 6lbs 2oz, 19 inches and your apgars were 9 and 9. We just stayed in the delivery room for a couple of hours, holding you and getting to know you. Popi, Abuela, Uncle and Brianna came in to meet you right before we left the delivery room. It was just amazing!

I love you so very much! You are a precious gift from God and I thank Him everyday for giving me the privilege of being your mother!

With love,


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