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Brianna’s Birthstory (For My Memories)

I wrote this out to put it in Brianna’s scrapbook!

Brianna, my sweet baby girl,

You are so precious to me. I cannot imagine my life without you being in it. You fill my heart in such an amazing way. I love you unconditionally, and nothing you could ever say or do will change that. I remember the day you came into this world very vividly and I want to share that amazing, life changing experience with you.

I awoke on Tuesday, August 7th, 2001 excited! Very excited. It was my due date! I had been having contractions off and on for weeks and now that my due date was here, I thought, it couldn’t possibly be much longer. I wanted to meet you so very badly, to finally hold you in my arms. August 7th is also a very important day, as it is Abuela and Popi’s Anniversary. I got up from bed, more like rolled out of bed, as I was quite big J and used the bathroom. I had lost my mucus plug! I ran to tell your Abuela about the good news. Then I went to read about what was happening in the “What to Expect When Your Expecting” book. I was immediately disappointed. It said that after losing one’s mucus plug it could be two more weeks before baby came! I thought for sure you would be here by your due date, and as I was encouraged by the losing of the mucus plug, I was equally discouraged at the thought of having to wait two more weeks! I told your Dad about it and he was excited! He had been following me around with pen and paper documenting ever contraction I had, and he was getting discouraged as well. I guess you could say that we both were very much anticipating your entrance into the world! We spent the morning helping Popi with his cobra. Alex, a friend of Popi’s, came over with his baby girl, and I watched and played with her while your Dad, Popi and Alex got the cobra chassis onto a truck to be taken to the shop. It was a very hot day, and we were all overheating. Afterwards your Dad and I went to the mall to walk around and try to coax you out. We went into Hallmark and I saw a baby book that I absolutely had to have, it was Winnie the Pooh and so adorable. Then we went into the bookstore and I sat down, and read things off the shelves. I was having contractions, but they weren’t too painful. We stopped at Cinnabon and I got a Strawberry Lemonade drink, my favorite! So we sat down and rested a bit while I finished my drink. Then we went home to Abuela and Popi’s. We ordered Donato’s pizza. I had pepperoni and green peppers and your Dad had chicken. I didn’t eat much as I was highly grumpy. I wanted to be the only one to write in your baby book, as I wanted it to be consistent handwriting, your Dad didn’t understand. My grumpiness should have been an indicator of what was to happen! We went on the computer and I sat on my birthing ball. All this time I was having pretty consistent contractions. Around midnight I asked your Popi what we should do, he told me to go get some sleep, so we did. I took your Dad’s watch so I could keep an eye on contractions. I woke up a little while later to some painful contractions, about 5 minutes apart. I went downstairs and went on the computer, trying to pass time and see if they were staying. They were definitely staying and getting increasingly more painful. I went and woke up Popi and told him what was happening. He said to call. I went downstairs and woke up your Dad. He was pretty anxious and excited. We called the doctor and the service was going to have someone call back. Penny (the nurse) called back and then told us to head in to the hospital. So we got dressed. Popi asked if I was ready, I said yes. He said it would help if I had shoes on! I had forgotten shoes! He helped me put them on. I said bye to Abuela and then we drove to Riverside Methodist Hospital. It was a very quiet ride. The radio was turned off and no one was speaking, which was good for me. It helped me to focus on my breathing and the contractions. It was about 3am when we got the hospital. We went in the ER entrance. Told the man behind the desk that I was in labor. He asked if I wanted a wheel chair. I said no, I wanted to walk. We took the stairs, as I wanted to walk as much as possible. They showed us to a room. I got undressed and into a gown, hard to do between stopping for contractions. I remember having to put both hands against the wall with my feet out and just press into each contraction while doing the Lamaze breathing. It really helped me. The nurse came in and checked me. I was holding my breath, I didn’t want to be sent home, but deep down I knew this was it. At first she couldn’t find anything! I was quite alarmed! Then another nurse checked and said that I was at 4cm. We were staying to have a baby! I was very excited! Popi came in and we told him the good news! They asked me for my insurance card, I had forgotten it at home so Popi went home to get it. He came back and filled out all of my paperwork. I was monitored for a bit and then I told them I wanted to be on the birthing ball. The nurses and your Dad helped me out of bed and onto the ball at the end of the bed. I sat on it and leaned forward resting my head on my hands as your Dad rubbed my back. During a contraction I did not want to be touched, so he would rub and I would tell him when to stop. He ran and got me a cherry Popsicle. Which was very nice! The nurses were telling me that I would probably deliver around Noon. That really discouraged me since it was around 5am at this time. I was breathing fine through contractions and getting through them all right, but the thought of doing it for that long scared me. I decided to get an epidural. I got back in bed and the anesthesiologist came in. She had me sit on the edge of the bed and a nurse was in front of me. She told me not to move. The first prick I jumped a little, but that was just to numb the shot area. The second I didn’t really feel at all, just some pressure. Soon I wasn’t able to feel any contractions at all and boy was that nice! I sat up and chatted with your Dad. They checked me and I was at 6 or 7cm. They broke my water and it had a little bit of meconium in it, but not so much that they were concerned. Dr. Jenkins came in to see me, as Dr. Ruedrich was at a conference out of town. I rested and listened to some music, while your Dad slept a little bit in the chair next to me. Popi had left at this time to get Abuela. At 8am I called Aunt Mary at work and was chatting with her for a bit. She was highly amazed that I was in labor and going to have you soon and not at all in pain or nervous! I was just so excited! While I was talking to Aunt Mary on the phone I started to feel some pain. So I got off the phone and asked to have the epidural topped off. The nurses asked me if it was pain or pressure I was feeling, I said more like pressure. They checked me and I was 10cm. It was time to push! I had your Dad call Abuela and Popi, as I was now very nervous they wouldn’t make it in time for the delivery. They did not answer the phone, which made me even more nervous! The nurses were setting up the room and the one nurse had me start practice pushing. Dr. Jenkins had gone to another hospital so the nurses were trying to find a doctor to deliver you! They had me stop practice pushing. They got a Dr. in the room and sadly I don’t know what his name was. I started pushing and Abuela and Popi walked in the door! I was so thankful that they made it. I watched in the mirror as you crowned, your head came out and then your shoulders and then you just slipped right out! You came out into the world after 2-3 pushes! It was absolutely amazing!!! Your Dad cut the cord. I missed seeing it because the nurse said you were a girl and I turned to Abuela and kept saying, “Mom, I got my girl! I got my girl!” They took you over to get cleaned up and checked out. During that time I was getting stitched up and your Dad was with you. You were screaming and crying and he put his hand on your chest to try to calm you down. Once they nurses had your wrapped up, your Dad brought you over to me. Then I got to hold you for the first time. Just thinking about it makes me cry. You were so beautiful. You had your eyes wide open, staring right at me and you were so calm and peaceful! You are such a blessing from the Lord. You were born at 8:51am, August 8, 2001. You were 7lbs 8oz, 20 inches and your apgars were 9 and 10.

I love you with all of my heart. You are such an amazing and precious gift and I’m very thankful to God that He trusted me to take care of you!

I love you,


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