Brianna and Katie’s birthday present..

This year we are going to get the girls a playset for their birthdays.. The one I love is at Sam’s Club.. The price is great, $999 and change.. The only problem so far is that it is always out of stock.. The one in Dublin is getting a shipment in this coming week and I plan on getting it then, hopefully! A lot of family members are chipping in so it won’t be a huge expense.. I’m very excited about it 🙂

15 thoughts on “Brianna and Katie’s birthday present..”

  1. oh.. very nice!! 😀
    I wanted to buy a really nice wood one too.. my grandma however bought Kay a metal one last year.. so it seems rude to buy another.. plus we were gonna ask family to chip in as a present.. ah oh well :/

    so were gonna get wood & michaels gonna build a big playhouse/treehouse with slide.. climbing wall.. big slide..


  2. That’s a damn nice birthday present. I approve- it’s much better than the one we had, though it lacks the gratuitous fire pole and rope ladder.


  3. Oh, I love that set! We look longingly up at the display model at our Sams everytime we go! LOL Sweet present! 😀


  4. That looks like so much fun Veronica, can I come and play on it too! LOL They are so much fun, our kids have a metal swingset and I’m always afraid it won’t hold me but I don’t worry about the wooden ones so much and still like to play on it at the playground. Of course I pretend I’m just there for the kids. 😉


  5. Hey, remember saving the Chicago Tribune bags (they were blue) cutting them and taping the together with that clear packing tape so that we could “rain proof” the club house on your swingset.. LOL


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