Curves was crazy..

We are supposed to open at 3.. I got there 10 minutes early. I don’t have a key yet to open.. Jen didn’t get there until 3:30!! She got stuck in traffic and then she didn’t know that Avery was closed at Hayden Run so she had to turn completely around since she didn’t know the area and get back on the highway.. So it took her 50 minutes to get there! She was a mess because he boyfriend decided not to renew the lease to the apartment with her and they had been living together for a year.. So She called him and was on the phone with him for 15 minutes bawling her eyes out.. It was so awkward.. I gave her a tissue.. and when she got off the phone I gave her a hug and she was just sobbing about everything that was going on.. Then I swear it was like she was a different person, completely happy and talking like a mile a minute.. So other than that work was pretty uneventful LOL.. I got to work out with my Mom, Becky and Cheryl.. Then I went next door to this cafe and ordered potstickers and they brought it to me when it was done.. They were pretty good.. It was pouring rain last night and the place was packed! I need to work on my social skills though.. I’m such an introvert, I’ll need to pray on that..

2 thoughts on “Curves was crazy..”

  1. That is kind of sad. I could never cry in frount of anyone like that, unless it was something to do with my kids.


  2. I felt so bad for her.. She is 19 and been with this guy for a year and I remember breaking up with boyfriends in the teen years after dating for a year and feeling devestated. I can’t imagine living with someone for a year and then being broken up with.. But I don’t wear my emotions on my sleeve either, I keep things bottled up so I couldn’t quite relate to being like that in public.. But I just felt awful for her.. I hope she is able to get herself together soon..


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