My Husband


Brian didn’t get another interview, they said he needed more experience..

He was pretty upset with me because when he called to tell me I was in the process to figuring out my Mom’s new phone and then running out the door to meet Deana at Homestead Park..

But I wrote him an email and he never received it, so I printed it out so he could read it when he got home. He felt better afterwards..

I love you.. I can totally understand how frustrated you must be and I
know this must be hard to think about, but if you were meant for this
job, you would have gotten it. God has a bigger plan for you and our
family. One that we don’t see yet..  It might seem like things are
never going to go your way, but we have to think maybe our way isn’t
God’s way.. *hugs* I love you so very much. I’m so thankful to have
you as my husband. Continue to do an awesome job at work, God has
something in store for you. I know it 🙂



4 thoughts on “Sigh..”

  1. I know that’s got to be discouraging for him. I was speaking with a friend of mine about how her husband is looking for a job and constantly being turned down and it’s just heatwrenching watching them go through that. You just want to lift them up and say, “Thank you for being man enough to take care of your family and to love your wife and your children! You are more than enough for me!”
    I hope our men know that! Nathan dealt with the same discouragement for a while until he started working from home, and even that comes with rejection too… but he’s doing better. I’m praying that some opportunities open up for your family.


  2. Sorry hun. My dh was told he needed more experience several times and I hate that. How are they expected to get more experience if no one will give them a chance, kwim? 2 years later Ray replied for the job again and got it. Hope your guys will have good luck with finding something.


  3. Andy’s been there time and time again, and it makes *me* feel sad right with him 😦 You’re such a great wife! I alawys tell Andy the same thing… it wasn’t meant to be 😉


  4. Thanks Wendy! It is such a catch 22.. You don’t have the experience so they won’t hire you, you can’t get the experience unless they do hire you..

    Very frustrating, be just not meant to be!


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