Sharing, what is that..

Brianna has always been very good with sharing.. But now that Katie is able to play too, she takes her things away from her and then there is Katie, trying to reach and get them and getting frustrated because she isn’t mobile yet.. What can I do to facilitate sharing???

10 thoughts on “Sharing, what is that..”

  1. I don’t know but when you find out, let me know!!! 2 of everything is all I find that works and that’s just not feasible!


  2. Caine does it to Rowan too. If you figure something out let me know, lol. I’ve just been giving whatever it is back to Rowan and telling Caine that it’s rude to take things away from other people and reminding him that he doesn’t like it when someone does it to him. He isn’t convinced though.


  3. When my kids start to fight over toys I always give them two options.
    They can either play with the toy together, or I can take the toy away.
    They learn fast that playing together is the better choice!


  4. That’s good..

    I’ve tried it before and Brianna says “Ok, take it away” She would rather no one play with it rather than share it LOL


  5. Lol!
    Sharing is a hard concept, once I read an article that said children identify themselves by what they have and that’s why they hate sharing. Asking them to share their toy is like asking them to cut off a leg.
    I don’t really know if it’s true, but it is an interesting concept. 🙂


  6. The only thing that I do that pretty much works is that Kaelyn can play with the toy that Lauren has when Lauren is “done with it”. Meaning she has put it down and is no longer playing with it. Kaelyn usually sees that as an acceptable plan.

    Good luck, sharing is a tough concept!


  7. Read Brianna stories with the moral of the story being that it’s good to share. Like, a mouse sharing with a squirrel. You know 😉


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