Could I spend anymore???

Why, yes, I think I could LOL..

It has been a long day! We left the house at 8:45. I took Brianna to preschool and then headed over to my Parent’s house. They are on vacation in Italy. I sorted all the mail, nursed Kaitlyn and then ordered the Leap From Learning Drum and the Phonics Alphabet Magnet Set off Amazon.com.. I found a gift certificate from there that we had gotten when Kaitlyn was born and it expired Jan. 6th.. So I will put those under the tree to Kaitlyn! Then we went to Worthington Mall and got a Chico gift certificate for $50 for my Mom. Which is great because I used her passport number and got 5% off and she got credited for the $50 for her points (everytime she reaches 500 points she gets gift certificates or something like that).. Then we picked up Brianna. Today was her last day of preschool before winter break.. We went to Chik-fil-a for lunch. They just opened one in Hilliard, but the playplace was closed, so we headed over to McDonald’s instead. Met Brian there! Brianna had a blast! She went potty there as well and pooped which is a great accomplishment because we have still be having some issues with that lately. So she was quite proud of herself and so was I! She played, we were there about 2 hours overall. I put gas in the car.. Then we went to Lifeway Christian store.. I got her a new bible, it is fantastic! She’ll get it for Christmas! I can’t wait to start reading it with her! And then we also got a book based on Luke 2:11.. Which I want to read Christmas Eve.. Then we went to Walmart. Got a whole bunch of food and The Princess Diaries 2 on DVD for my friend Beth! Brianna got a soft pretzel for being good and we headed home! We got home around 4:30.. So it has definitely been a super long day! I’m doing a load of laundry right now.. I think I’m ready for bed LOL. We’re going to have steak stir-fry for dinner, yum! And Brian has bible study tonight but it has been pushed back to 9:30 so we still have some time together after Brianna goes to bed! Which will be early because she had no nap today..

Also, thanks Joanna for the card! It was really cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

And thanks to the Tomei’s! I love your family picture! It turned out awesome! You all look great! It’s on the fridge!

Yay, Brian is home!

1 thought on “Could I spend anymore???”

  1. sounds like you got a lot done today. Glad you liked the card too, you’re very welcome!

    Thank you for yours too. I posted in YGM for you. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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